Friday, December 30, 2011

Shopping List

I am so thankful for my little girls, who are big helpers!  Lately, they have been enjoying helping out around the house more.  This is great practice for them and helps lighten my workload.  One of the tasks that Arin helped with was writing her first shopping list.  I told her how to spell the words and she wrote them down.  This was particularly helpful as my hands were full holding the baby at the time.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sorting Coins

Our newest scholar was born eight weeks ago,  Arin started back to school six weeks ago, and yes, I have been very neglectful of my blogs.

In math, Arin has been learning the values of coins and how to count them.  We have a jar of money that needed to be wrapped. 

Today, the girls helped me sort the coins into piles.  While doing this, I took a few different coins and had Arin count them. 

I also introduced Ella to the names of the different coins.  We also talked about which was the biggest or the smallest coin and which looked different than the other coins (penny because it is a different color). 

While the girls were sorting the coins into piles, I started wrapping them.  Arin quickly became interested in what I was doing.  She started counting piles of 50 pennies and then she rolled them.  This was her first experience with rolling coins. 

Ella liked this activity at first, but she is young and her attention span isn't very long right now.  However, Arin really loved this "real life" math lesson, so we will be doing this type of learning activity more often.