Wednesday, March 14, 2012

One Blog

I am posting so infrequently these days (on both of my blogs), that I have decided to go back to one blog. I will keep this one in case I decide to post on a more regular basis and in case I want to separate school from the rest of our life again, but for now you can find a little of this and a little of that at my original blog The Peterson Party.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


In September, I started organizing a field trip to the new Legoland in Florida.  This was the week that we finally got to enjoy it!  We had 99 people in our group - mostly our friends from our GA homeschool group, as well as some of our family and friends.  Arin had been looking forward to this trip for months and she was not disappointed!  The day went fast and we were not able to see or do everything, but we had a blast with what we did get to.

What should we do first?

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ladybug Frenzy

This past week, part of our homeschool group met up with part of our playgroup at the park to learn about lady bugs.

We learned fun facts about lady bugs, had a snack, and made a ladybug craft.

After all of that fun, the kids released live ladybugs.  So much fun!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Backyard Astronomy

The girls have really enjoyed looking through the telescope as their daddy teaches them about the night sky.

This is a picture that Andrew took of the moon last night.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Arin's Story

Daddy's Present
Written & Illustrated by
(5yrs old ~ January 2012)

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Arin, a girl named Ella, a baby girl named Kaelyn, and a grown-up named Mom.

Arin and Ella wanted to give their daddy a super special surprise.  They picked out a motorcycle.  Ella Jane wanted to give daddy a unicorn, but Arin wanted it to be a Batman motorcycle.  Ella Jane says, "We should get two motorcycles" and I said, "Yes! Daddy would love it."

We put both motorcycles in a super big box, two in one box, and we wrapped them.  We put a bow on top too and also a card.

We brought the big box to a park.  Daddy was already there.  The reason Daddy was at the park was because his favorite thing to do there is climb the spiderweb.

He was still climbing the spiderweb, so we went over to him and said, "Hey Daddy, come down.  We have something for you!"  So Daddy jumped down from the very top.

He opened his present, but he didn't see the card because it was blended in, so he accidentally ripped it.  We wrapped the card by mistake.  We weren't supposed to wrap it, so we had to make him another card.

He climbed the spiderweb.  We made the card and put it in an envelope and wrapped the present again.  Daddy opened the card and read it and then he opened the present.

Before he opened it all the way, he saw a unicorn and Batman.  Then he opened the present all the way and saw it was motorcycles.  He was so excited.  He said, "Thank you!  You guys are geniuses.  That is just the kind of motorcycles that I wanted. I was going to buy those before my birthday, but they weren't on sale."

Daddy took us for a ride around Uncle Todd's house.  When Uncle Todd came outside, he heard the motoring sound.  Then, Uncle Todd said, "What are you guys doing right next to my house?"  We said, "We are riding Daddy's new motorcycles."

Uncle Todd said, "Look at all that smoke!  Aunt Sarah won't like all of that smoke!"  I said, "Okay!"  Then, I said, "Uncle Todd, do you want to ride with us around the neighborhood?"

Uncle Todd rode the unicorn motorcycle and I rode on the Batman one with Daddy.  We had so much fun! The End

Ella's Story

Written & Illustrated by
(3 years old ~ January 2012)

Once upon a time, there were lots of ponies.  I named them Beautiful, Pretty, and Heart.

The Ponies got thrown into a dungeon because a witch found them.  They tried to run away, but the witch caught them.

But then, she was a nice witch.  She let them out of the dungeon.

She put make-up on them. Then, she showed them to her other pony, named Make-Uppy.

The ponies and the witch were all friends and I am a friend too.  Then, I just loved them.

Then, we found another pony. This pony was blue.  His name was Bluey.  He came to play with the pink ponies.

Then, we saw two witches and they had a make-up mirror.  They put the mirror right here and rolled it.  Then, they shared the make-up and I shared my make-up, but I wasted it.  Then, I buyed some more make-up.

Then, a nice kid came and played with us. Her name was Arin.  Then, that was it!  The End