Monday, July 25, 2011

Color Mixing Experiment

Today, we did a fun color mixing experiment to go along with our Before Five in a Row story, which I will be posting in a few days.  I had done this experiment with Arin several years ago, but she had forgotten it and Ella had never seen it, so they were both very excited!
First, fill six spots in an ice cube tray with water.  In two sections (with water), add blue food coloring, red food coloring in a different two sections, and yellow food coloring in the last two sections.  Once the cubes are frozen, place a red ice cube in a baggy with a blue one, a red ice cube in a baggy with a yellow one and a yellow ice cube with a blue one.  Seal and label the baggies. 
Place the baggies in a pot of hot water. 

It's really hard to be patient and wait for the water to melt the ice cubes, so you may have to help speed up the process :)

Once the ice cubes melt, the primary colors will mix, resulting in new secondary colors.

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