Friday, January 13, 2012

Arin's Story

Daddy's Present
Written & Illustrated by
(5yrs old ~ January 2012)

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Arin, a girl named Ella, a baby girl named Kaelyn, and a grown-up named Mom.

Arin and Ella wanted to give their daddy a super special surprise.  They picked out a motorcycle.  Ella Jane wanted to give daddy a unicorn, but Arin wanted it to be a Batman motorcycle.  Ella Jane says, "We should get two motorcycles" and I said, "Yes! Daddy would love it."

We put both motorcycles in a super big box, two in one box, and we wrapped them.  We put a bow on top too and also a card.

We brought the big box to a park.  Daddy was already there.  The reason Daddy was at the park was because his favorite thing to do there is climb the spiderweb.

He was still climbing the spiderweb, so we went over to him and said, "Hey Daddy, come down.  We have something for you!"  So Daddy jumped down from the very top.

He opened his present, but he didn't see the card because it was blended in, so he accidentally ripped it.  We wrapped the card by mistake.  We weren't supposed to wrap it, so we had to make him another card.

He climbed the spiderweb.  We made the card and put it in an envelope and wrapped the present again.  Daddy opened the card and read it and then he opened the present.

Before he opened it all the way, he saw a unicorn and Batman.  Then he opened the present all the way and saw it was motorcycles.  He was so excited.  He said, "Thank you!  You guys are geniuses.  That is just the kind of motorcycles that I wanted. I was going to buy those before my birthday, but they weren't on sale."

Daddy took us for a ride around Uncle Todd's house.  When Uncle Todd came outside, he heard the motoring sound.  Then, Uncle Todd said, "What are you guys doing right next to my house?"  We said, "We are riding Daddy's new motorcycles."

Uncle Todd said, "Look at all that smoke!  Aunt Sarah won't like all of that smoke!"  I said, "Okay!"  Then, I said, "Uncle Todd, do you want to ride with us around the neighborhood?"

Uncle Todd rode the unicorn motorcycle and I rode on the Batman one with Daddy.  We had so much fun! The End

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