Friday, January 13, 2012

Ella's Story

Written & Illustrated by
(3 years old ~ January 2012)

Once upon a time, there were lots of ponies.  I named them Beautiful, Pretty, and Heart.

The Ponies got thrown into a dungeon because a witch found them.  They tried to run away, but the witch caught them.

But then, she was a nice witch.  She let them out of the dungeon.

She put make-up on them. Then, she showed them to her other pony, named Make-Uppy.

The ponies and the witch were all friends and I am a friend too.  Then, I just loved them.

Then, we found another pony. This pony was blue.  His name was Bluey.  He came to play with the pink ponies.

Then, we saw two witches and they had a make-up mirror.  They put the mirror right here and rolled it.  Then, they shared the make-up and I shared my make-up, but I wasted it.  Then, I buyed some more make-up.

Then, a nice kid came and played with us. Her name was Arin.  Then, that was it!  The End

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