Thursday, August 18, 2011

The ABC Bunny

Abc Bunny (Fesler-Lampert Minnesota Heritage)
This week we rowed The ABC Bunny by Wanda Ga'g.  This is a story about a bunny who was tucked, snug in his bed, until he was scared by a fallen apple.  The bunny takes off running.  Each letter of the alphabet shows something he meets up with on his adventure back home.

Unfortunately, we had some sickies this week - first Ella and then me - so we were not able to accomplish as much as I had hoped for.

The girls watched "The ABC Bunny" song.

We did a bunny activity - Build a Bunny.  The girls loved this game and mentioned that it was similiar to Cootie.

They especially liked rolling a "six" so they could hop around like a bunny.

Arin worked with her Read, Build and Write mats.  She liked all three steps at first, but quickly wanted to skip over the "build" step and go right to the "write" step.  Next time, I think we'll try refrigerator magnets, which might be more fun.  Also, I hadn't laminated the mat, so Arin used regular paper to write the words.

Arin worked on a bunny maze.

Both girls played a bunny alphabet game.  We have done many variations of this game over the past several years, but the original inspiration came from here.  I cut out 30 bunny shapes. On 26 of them, I wrote one uppercase letter of the alphabet.  On the extra four, I wrote the word "hop".  I placed all the bunnies facedown on the floor in front of the girls.  They took turns drawing a card.  If Arin drew the card, she was to tell me the letter sound.  If Ella turned over the card, she was to tell me the letter name (lots of help was given to her).  If either of them drew a "hop" card, they both stood up and hopped around the room like a bunny.  Obviously, they wanted to get the "hop" cards :) 

Arin put all of the lettered bunnies in alphabetical order.

I wrote all of the alphabet letters on half sheets of paper.  The girls used their Do-A-Dot markers to go over the letters. 

Once they had gone over all of the letters, I had Arin think of five words that started with each letter (except for the letter X).  When she'd get stumped and couldn't think of any other words, either Andrew or I would give her clues to a word and she'd guess it.  She loves guessing games.

We did another version of this game about two years ago.  You can see it here.

We did an ABC cover-up game.  We used Annie's Cheddar Bunnies (crackers and pretzels shaped like rabbits) as the covering pieces.  Ella's game board was in alphabetical order and Arin's was in random order.  I called out a letter, showed it to the girls (for Ella's benefit) and then they were to find it on their board and cover it with an edible bunny.  We gave Ella lots of hints :)  Once the game was over, they were able to eat their bunnny snacks.

The girls played an Alphabet Game.  I made the bunny game pieces.  The girls would roll a die and move that many spaces, which was great counting practice for Ella.  When Ella would land on a letter, she told us the name of the letter (with help).  When Arin landed on the letter, she told us the letter sound and a word that started with the letter.  They wanted to play this game over and over and over again :)

Finally, they put together their uppercase and lowercase letter puzzle.

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  1. Very cute! Looks like you guys had a great week! Thanks for sharing ;o) Erica

  2. What a great week! Exciting to your BFIAR posts! We'are rowing this year too!

  3. You accomplished lots. I don't know what you're talking about saying you didn't :-).

    Your bunny abc games, and the game pieces you made are so fun and adorable!

    I am looking forward to using the mats in the future here.

    I look forward to seeing your B4FIAR posts this school year and getting ideas from your rows-thanks for sharing them!

  4. You have some great ideas here! Thanks for sharing them! I wanted to row ABC bunny but my son doesn't know all his letters yet. I'm not sure if I should wait till he knows them all or just row it now anyway.

  5. I love the ABC cover up game and so cute that you made bunny pieces for the other game. Looks like you had a great week, despite Ella having a fever. I didn't know you were sick too! Still a great row. :) I love that I will have lots of new ideas when I get to Bo. :)

  6. I just stumbled upon your post from the preschool corner! I am using BFIAR this year and we are doing this book next week for a our first week of school :-)

  7. What a great week! My son would LOVE the ABC cover-up game. He really likes Annie's bunnies. We will have to do this!!!

  8. Such a fun row! You got so much done and you can see that your children are in love with learning :)

    I hope that you are all feeling better.