Thursday, August 11, 2011

Katy No-Pocket

Katy No-Pocket (Sandpiper)

This week, the girls enjoyed the book Katy No-Pocket by Emmy Payne.  It is a story of a mama kangaroo that has no pocket to carry her baby.  She asks several other mama animals advice on how to carry her baby, before finally heading to city in search of a pocket.

To start the week, we took a trip to the zoo.  Our zoo does not have kangaroos, but it does have wallabies.  We spent a good amount of time observing the them.

While at the zoo, I made a list of all the animals in the book and as we found them, we checked them off the list (sort of a fun little scavenger hunt).  However, we were rained out before we were able to find all of the animals.

Arin memorized a poem about a kangaroo.
Both girls made a kangaroo craft.

We learned that some kangaroos can jump over 40'!  The girls practiced their jumping to see how far they can make it.  It took Arin two jumps to make it off the rug and Ella three jumps.

Ella worked on the letter K this week.  She can recognize the letter as well as say its sound now.  She did a letter find with this worksheet.

She also had fun with the Do-A-Dot markers and a letter K worksheet.

The girls learned that kangaroos live in Australia.  Arin did a page in her geography book (found in the dollar section at Target).

Then, she worked on Australia in her regular geography book.

Next, the girls colored the flag of Australia.  They looked at the colors of the flag on my computer to know how to color their flags.

They put together their giant world floor puzzle.  As they were putting it together, Ella spotted the Australian flag and said, "Like on your computer, mama!  Matches!"  Once the puzzle was put together, both girls spotted Australia.

The girls worked a little bit on a Katy No-Pocket lapbook.

In the story, Katy finds a man with an apron that has several pockets.  The girls don't have aprons that fit them and I didn't have the energy to make them any, so they wore their dresses with pockets instead.

The man in the story, dumps the tools out from his apron and gives his apron to Katy.
Ella worked on a tool matching game.  I traced several wrenches of several sizes randomly on a piece of paper.  Ella matched the wrenches to the wrench outline.

Arin put sockets in order from largest to smallest.

The girls worked on aboriginal dot art.  Arin worked with the kangaroo and Ella worked with a picture of a koala.

Arin used hers kangaroo dot art as the illustration for the narration of this story.
This story was about Katy Kangaroo looking for a pocket.  She asked all of her friends.  Then, she went to the city and saw a man that was all pockets.  The man gave her the apron.  Then, she carried Freddy in her pocket.  Freddy is her little joey.  Then, when she got home, all the other baby animals got in the other pockets, because they wanted to ride in them too.  The End.
Next, we'll be rowing The ABC Bunny!

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  1. Oh my, how fun! I love the dot painting, I think my boys would find that fun as well. =)
    Great week, mom! How are you doing? Hoping you have a delightful Shabbat!

  2. great stuff for a fun book. love that your using items around the house to make learning tools :)