Sunday, August 14, 2011

Weekend in Review Activity

One thing that I've started doing with Arin is having her recall one or more events from the week or weekend and tell me about it.  I write down what she says and she draws a picture of the activity.

This weekend, we went to the girls' cousin's birthday party.  They had a blast!  So it is no wonder that that is what she chose to recall and tell me about.

"Ella, Matthew & Arin playing around the pool"
What Arin told me to write:

My favorite thing at Matthew's birthday party was the pool. I liked going down the slide.  I liked going up the stairs and going down the slide. WOOSH
I liked the water balloons and the sprinkler too.  I liked squirting the water guns at the ground and I liked holding the sprinklers and spraying them at people.
I liked the taste of the cake.  It was a Cars birthday cake.  I really liked it when Matthew opened the presents, especially mine.  It was a blast of fun to push people down the slide into the water.  I LOVED IT.

A picture of the three cuties at the end of the party.

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  1. Great weekend activity! Always learning :)