Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Living With a Spoon that is Afraid of Kids...

We've been in school for nine days so far and we've already added to our original curriculum (plus I have a couple more things on my wish list).  We're still doing all the things that I listed, but in addition, we've added Beginning Geography and Silly Starters (writing prompts).  Arin is too little to write a story, but we've been having fun with her telling me stories.  We plan to work with these prompts a couple of times a week.  This was Arin's first story.

Once upon a time there was a little spoon named Spoony.  Kids came in to eat cereal with it, but then it kept yelling.  The kids kept laughing and laughing.  Then the spoon was running and the kids kept running and they caught the spoon.  Then the spoon started liking the kids.  The end.

(Arin doesn't get videoed very often, which explains the jumpy/excitement)

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  1. We have both of those too. Our boys love them! Hope you all have a great year =]