Thursday, September 8, 2011

Aquarium Field Trip

This week, we took the girls on a family field trip to the aquarium.  This was Ella and Andrew's first time there.  Arin and I had been when she was a baby, so it was really a new experience for her as well.  When we left the house, the sun was shining, but by the time we got to the aquarium, it was pouring down rain.  The poor weather conditions must have scared some people off, because we arrived and were able to look at all of the displays without fighting our way around people.  By the time we left, there were several people there.  Although we were only there for a couple of hours, we really enjoyed our day.  It was very relaxing to look at all the underwater creatures and to walk through the "wetlands" area.

Wet and Cold from the Rain


Spider Crab

Jelly Fish

Not a good belly picture, but I am 34 weeks pregnant :)

Touch Tank

Just as we did for the princess field trip, we made up a themed basket to go along with this field trip as well.  In it, we added fiction and non-fiction sea life books (from the library), Aquarium brochures,
Underwater Friend mini-mosaic (Target)
Go Fish card game (Target)
Fish themed subtraction book for Arin
Fun Facts Sea Creatures Puzzle.  This puzzle is so much fun.  One side is bright and colorful.  The other side is all black and white with fun facts about the different sea animals.  The black and white side added a bit of a challenge to the fun!
Wooden Sea Creatures for coloring - we'll probably turn these into magnets.
Fish Game
Dolphin Clackers (Arin was very disappointed that there were no dolphins at the aquarium)
As always, Arin gave me a summary of her field trip experience along with a picture that she drew.


  1. Cute pic of you and the girls ~ love that belly! Neat field trip too. =)

  2. What a fun field trip. We went to the aquarium this week too :-)

  3. I love all the field trips you guys have done. And I like how you said Airn than tells you after all about it. I think I might do that. Maybe take my littles on a field trip and than have them do a narration afterwards, Thanks for the idea. Also I love Target. They always have awesome stuff!