Monday, September 5, 2011

Princess Field Trip

Last week we took the girls on a family field trip to see Disney's Princesses on Ice.  They have been looking forward to going to this show since they went to Princess School in July.  It was excellent show, that we will be sure to remember for many, many years to come.
To get them even more excited (not sure that was possible), I made up a princess themed basket, which we gave the girls the day before we went to the show.  So what was in the basket?  I filled it with a mix of fun activities and learning activities (almost all purchased from Dollar Tree), along with princess themed library books.

For Arin, there was a set of addition cards and a set of subtraction cards.

For Ella, there was a set of counting/number cards.

There were two mini-puzzles that the girls can work on together.

Tiara's to decorate.  I got these as a six-pack and although I put the purple and orange ones in their basket, they actually ended up decorating and wearing the pink ones instead.

Three types of beads for bracelet and necklace making.

Lip gloss.

Princess themed stickers (they chose to use these to decorate their tiaras).

Roller markers.

Ring Pops.  Every princess should have plenty of jewelry and the edible variety makes for a special treat :)

Princess sticker and activity books.

Reading Comprehension for Arin.

Princess paint with water picture.

Cinderella paper dolls and other princess coloring sheets/activities which I printed from sites around the web.

The library books included:
Cinderella (Usborne First Fairytales)
Usborne's Cinderella

Disney Princess Collection (Disney Storybook Collections)
Disney's Princess Collection

Angelina and the Princess (Angelina Ballerina)
Angelina and the Princess

The Royal Nap (Picture Puffins)
The Royal Nap

Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots?
Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots

Disney's The Princess and the Frog: Kiss the Frog (Step into Reading, Step 2)
Kiss the Frog

I made the girls no-sew tu-tu's to wear to the show, along with the tiara's that they decorated. 

Some of our extended family were also able to attend the show with us, which always makes it even more fun.  The girls enjoyed the company of two of their cousins, one grandma, two aunts, two uncles, and mommy and daddy (not all pictured).

At the beginning of the show, Mickey and Minnie and some of the other Disney characters came out on the ice and introduced the stories that would be acted out.

First up was Princess and the Frog.

Next, we watched Cinderella.

Last, we saw Tangled.

At the very end of the show, all of the famous princesses and their prince charmings came out on the ice and skated together.  At one point, we counted 34 cast members on the ice at the same time. 

 The show ended with some special effect fireworks set off at the royal castle.

The show was so much fun.  The girls loved it and they were singing along to all of the songs.

Back in school, Arin colored one of her princess pictures and told me a very short summary of the day, which we will file with her other field trip summaries.
Arin's Summary:
Disney on Ice
When we first got there, we were sitting down.  After a little while, it came on.  First, was Princess and the Frog.  Next, was Cinderella.  The last was Rapunzel.  They had to take a break during Cinderella.  After the break, they did the rest of Cinderella.  At the end, I saw all of the princesses, including Ariel and Sleeping Beauty.  My favorite part was the end when all of the princesses danced together.

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  1. fun, fun, FUN! I LOVE princess things :) and you made it such a special, girly, fun, learning time! Corban had a CARS reading comp book which he really enjoyed, I'm sure Arin will have fun with hers too!