Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pottery Class

Through our homeschool group, we had the opportunity to sign Arin up for two pottery classes and one mosaics class with a local art cafe.  Today, was the first pottery class.  Arin LOVED this.  It was supposed to last about an hour and fifteen minutes, but Arin managed to drag it out an hour and forty-five minutes and would have loved to stay longer.
Waiting for Class to Begin

Ella was too young for the class, so she passed the time by painting an already made piece.

The Raw Clay

Tool Used to Cut Clay

Cutting the Clay

Arin's Piece of Clay

Loving this Experience

Patting the Clay Before Rolling it

Rolling the Clay

Feeling the Smooth, Flattened Clay

Using Water and Sponges to Smooth the Clay More

Using a Wooden Skewer and Paper Template to Cut the Clay

Smoothing the Clay Again

Stamping Designs in the Clay

Ella was allowed to make designs in a scrap piece of clay.  This will not be dried.

Arin's Finished Clay
Arin's clay will take about a week to dry out, before it is fired. Once that process has taken place, she will go back and paint the plaque :)

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