Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Museum of Science and Industry

We bought annual passes to the zoo earlier this year.  Part of the promotion was that we could use our zoo passes to get in free to the aquarium and the science museum throughout the month of September.  Last week, we visited the aquarium and today we visited the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI).  This was the girls first visit to MOSI and they loved it!

We wanted to go to the butterfly exhibit, but it was only opened for one hour during the day.  We didn't realize that, so we missed it.  We did walk over to where it was and we met a lady that had found a caterpillar in the parking lot.  She showed it to the girls before releasing it in a plant, away from cars :)

Enjoying Nature

Wheelchair Race

Waiting for the Planetarium Presentation

Star Machine in the Planetarium

News Anchors


Volunteer Fire Fighter

Inside a Wind Tunnel - wind speeds of 80mph

Flood Display

Comparing Bellies ~ 35 weeks :)

Brain Puzzle

Can You Walk a Straight Line While Intoxicated?

Harder than it looks!

Arin thought it was hilarious to wear the "drunk" glasses.

Blocks for making a pyramid...or a tower :)

The Directions...

The Display :)  The girls had a blast pretending to be spiders.


"Here are your groceries"

Laying on a bed of nails.

Playground Fun!

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